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Yumi Kazama - Mature Woman


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Yumi Kazama is a new male masturbator from NPG for the MILF lovers in all of us. It even has wrinkles on the vagina lips like that of mature women. More than 6 inches long with 3 inches wide body tapering to 2 inches at the rear. This design is to make this toy easier to use as a hand-held. It is light weight,18 oz, compared to some of the Meiki series masturbators.

For this review, Yumi Kazama was used for a hands-free session. It comes with a 200ml water-based lubricant. It is curiously cloudy, read on for unexpected benefit, and smells like sliced white melons that have ripen. It has a sweet and yet light pungent smell.

I enjoy this toy for two reasons. One is that the puffy and full lips. Two is that its firm inner material without the draw back of dual layers.

Images I found online shows that the outer lips are red but in fact, they are dark purple, and the painting is not well done. It was like dried lip stick. But this was a benefit because the color came off with a little effort. I first soaked it in hot, not boiling, water for 10 minutes or so. Then I used a tooth brush and hand soap. Afterward, those lips actually looks nice. I am very happy with the way it looks now. But I wished NPG thought to add a second layer to these lips rather than painting them so that stronger stimulation can be achieved when penis was rubbed against these lips.

The inner cannel is where all the fun is. This is a closed structure with three prominent nubs and a merging complex tunnel texture. The first nub seats a little back from the entrance, second one in the middle, and last one is at the end of the tunnel. The second and third nubs are still noticeable, but it is the first nub that provides the most stimulation. As a whole, Yumi Kazama, a single layer male masturbator, delivers much stronger stimulation than I expected. Again, the first nub is the key, and it can get you there really quickly unless you control the speed of your stroke.

I admit that during the first use, I came in under two minutes. But after the second and third sessions, I came to understand more about this toy. Once you pushed past the first nub, there is a lot of room in this 3" x 6" body, and that's the area where you want to play with. I lasted over 35 minutes with continual stimulation. The key is to avoid the first nub. Allow the first nub to get you going, but then move farther into it to enjoy everthing else this toy has to offer. There are many tiny nubs throughout that you can have fun with. Because it is a closed structure and has a tapered strucutre, once you make your way to the third nub, that section is very tight and highly pleasurable.

This long play session provided an unexpected surprising benefit. As stated above, the included lubricant is cloudier than most lubricants I've used such as Maria love lotion. This lubricant gets really creamy after some long stroking. The sight of this milky white liquid adds a visual stimulation and makes it easier to take you over the top.

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