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Yukina Yotogi


Product Review



Yukina Yotogi is a moderate size masturbator done by MODE-design, a Japanese manufacturer.

It measures around 6 inches long and around 3 inches in diameter. It is a toy that feels good on the hand because it is not oily or smelly. Also its size is perfect for a hand-held masturbator, fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand.

Yukina Yotogi is unique in its material: it is a dual firmness toy. Do not confuse that with the dual-layer toys made by other manufacturers. Yugina Yotogi has a firmness that changes as you go deeper into it. The entrance and most of the first half of the toy is soft like a meiki, then the second half gets slightly harder, changing the sensations you receive from the tunnel's design.

The tunnel design is divided in three sections. The first section is the entry hole itself. The entrance hole measures only a quarter of an inch in diameter! This is made so you experience the tightness of entering a virgin woman (at least that is what I think). Thanks to the soft material, the hole stretches to allow you in, adjusting to your penis and keeping a snug ring around the shaft while you use the toy.

The second section is a curved tunnel covered in nubs or dots. The material is soft and the curve of the tunnel simply helps the dots to caress your penis. You feel the material giving a nice pressure around your penis – after all, you are nailing a tight virgin!

The third section is where the Yukina Yotogi shows how unique it is as a masturbator. The material changes to its harder firmness (the change is just noticeable), and at the same time your penis finds a group of stops. These “stops” slow your advance and the deeper you go, the stronger they feel. Their shape and material give you completely new sensations added to increased suction. You will want to keep hitting those stops and believe you are having sex with a tight, young woman. This masturbator gives good, strong orgasms, specially if you use it hands free – either with a home-made support or using a sex doll. Please note that the size of the Yukina Yotogi will fit nicely in most Japanese sex dolls.

Be aware that if you are on the “larger” side of the fence, you must be gentle with this toy. Due to the tiny entrance, if you are big you can rip the entry hole. The masturbator will still work like a charm, but it will not as pretty. 

As with all sex toys, the Yukina Yotogi requires to be lubed with water-based lubricants before use and cleaned after each use. Water and mild soap are all you need to clean this masturbator, and after properly dried, you can use powder to keep the it in top shape.

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