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Yu Namiki


Product Review



This is another porn star vagina copy masturbator, a part of Meiki series, from NPG. She is Yu Namiki, a super cute Japanese young adult movie star. You don't think she is cute? Get outta here! I know you want her as your masturbation toy.

Yu Namiki masturbator is bigger compared to Elegance of Meiki or Maria Ozawa masturbator.  It's because the shape is not like a regular hand held type masturbator. It has a flat bottom so that you can set it on top of a table and enjoy hands free sex in doggie style. If you like hand held type masturbators and like to masturbate while sitting down, this masturator might not be good for you, but if you like to masturbate while standing up and move your lower body instead of your hands, this one works pretty good for you.

Well, I lied a little bit. Maybe hands free can be difficult to do. Although it wieghs 2 lbs and 10 oz which is heavy, it's not heavy enough for wild doggie pounding. You probably have to put at least one hand on top of her butt so that it doesn't slide forward or fall to the side when you try to push yourself in.

I know some of you are thinking that it would be nice if she had anal hole. Unfortunately, there is only vagina hole. No butt hole. But you still should be able to enjoy the perfect view of her camel toe like vaginal entrance. Yu Namiki is known for her cute camel toe pussy.

Entrance of vagina is pretty small. You either have to lube it up real good or open up her lips, like a photo on the left, with your fingers before entering. When you spread her vagina lips wide open, you will see the irresistible pink part. Enjoy it, she is all yours.

Firmness of the material is as soft as Elegance of Meiki. Stimulation you receive from inner texture is kind of weak, but  you receive enough pleasure from her thick, soft and juicy butt meat. When you push your cock deep inside, you might loose your balance from the cock melting sensation. Look at those butt cheeks!

One thing that I noticed about this masturbator is that the skin at her waist area is thin. When you poke her in a wrong direction, sometimes you see your penis through the thin skin, but it is not that big of a deal.

Although the bottom part is completely flat and doesn't look apealing at all, you can flip her over and try missionary style to enjoy different sensation.

I really don't care for the smell of lotion that comes with Yu Namiki masturbator. It's just my personal preference though.


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