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Work At Night


Product Review


One of the most frustrating things about some masturbators is the tiny entry hole. When you have one of those tiny entrance toys, you need to be hard as steel to be able to use it. The Work at Night masturbator from TOMAX does not have that problem. This Japanese masturbator has a wide entrance, so penetrating it is easy, even if you are not fully erected.

At first look, this toy is not too attractive. The entrance is plain - no pussy lips, no design, just a hole - and its tunnel texture is made up of just a series of ribs. If the simplicity drives you away from the Work at Night, then you do not know what you are missing. This masturbator is very simple, but it is very, very effective.

The tunnel of the toy is a series of soft ribs with a slight inward tampering to squeeze your penis as you go deeper. When you reach half length of the tunnel, the tunnel gets wide again, allowing the ribs to touch your expanding penis head as you drill this masturbator. If you go all the way into the toy, your penis head will reach a smooth area at the end, which is going to be a nice change of sensation at the end of every stroke. The suction of this toy feels natural and it is easily managed by squeezing the toy while you are inside it.

Work at Night comes ready to use with a sample lotion pack, a package printed with a cute and sexy anime girl (a very sexy anime girl), and something very unique: a paper apron to catch the overflowing lotion and keep you clean and dry.  The guys at TOMAX knew using this toy would be a messy business, so they included something to keep you clean that first time you use this masturbator.

How is using this toy a mess? As with other masturbators made by TOMAX, the material of the Work at Night is safe and durable, but the Work at Night is sticky both on the inside and the outside. The interior stickiness is cool - after all, you want a little bit of a tug on your penis while using a masturbator - but it requires a good quantity of lotion to avoid unwanted stickiness to skin during use. With an entrance hole as wide as the one in the Work at Night, you are going to have some lotion overflow. That is why TOMAX included the paper apron for your groin. The exterior stickiness can be  annoying to some people, but it is solved easily by placing a plastic sandwich bag over the exterior while using this masturbation toy.

Overall, it is another very good masturbator from TOMAX.

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