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Wet Monster Chimera


Product Review


Ride Japan, a newcomer in Japanese masturbator toy producers, has been rising in popularity in Japan thanks to their Bungee Touch material. When I found out that Magic Eyes and Ride Japan released a collaboration toy, I knew I wanted to get one and review it for you guys. This collaborative male masturbator toy is an addition to Magic Eyes’ unique Monster Series, called the Wet Monster Chimera. The appearance and inner design look to be done by Magic Eyes, while the material is made of the Bungee Touch from Ride Japan.

Once I got my hands on it, my first reaction was that it looks like what you’d expect from Magic Eyes’ Monster line. Inside and out it has that grotesque appearance. The outside looks almost like a monster tree, with thick vines flowing down and bumps poking through to give the rough appearance of a woman. Inside, it looks like a weird cavern with bumps, flaps, and ribs growing everywhere with a thick rib lined with little ribs winding down it. It’s pretty bizarre in appearance. But the material feels great, it’s thick and fluffy like a marshmallow, with a nice firmness and elasticity. It’s about 6 ½ inches long and has a nice density. The entrance hole is tiny, and it tore a bit when trying to flip it inside out, so that was kind of disappointing when the material is actually really high quality. There also is no clitoris attached so I assumed the part with the womanly bumps goes up. The box has some nice art, and it also comes with a small bottle of lube that should last a while.

So now I poured some of the included lube inside and put it to work. Though the entrance hole is small, the material seems to stretch well and entering it wasn’t too difficult with a bit of extra force. The fleshy inside give a bit of resistance so it gives the feel of pushing your way in. You can feel all the weird structures inside, with the Bungee Touch material giving it a bit of give. Because of the different qualities, it’s a really complicated type of stimulation. The Chimera is not for those who like a slow build-up or looking for a realistic feel. I could only imagine that this is what fucking an actual monster would feel like. Personally, I would prefer it if they toned it down a bit.

Overall, other than the weak point of the tight entrance hole tearing when flipping it inside out, it’s a great deal. The material is really good, and it comes with a nice bottle of lube. It’s definitely a male masturbator toy to check out if you like a heavy, complicated stimulation.

Posted on February 17, 2015.

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