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Virgin Age Admission


Product Review


This has been out for a while, but it seems to be popular among fans of male masturbator toys from Japan, so I wanted to take a little crack at it. This is the Virgin Age Admission from Toy's Heart. It is designed to be a small and tight masturbator that seems to be a great high quality introductory toy. So, let’s see how this small thing stacks up to the competition.


Opening the packaging, I immediately notice how small the toy is. While not the tiniest toy out there, it is smaller than average. The material is made of Toy’s Heart’s Fine Cross material. Looking at the cross-section views on the box it looks a bit like airy sponge with lots of bubbles inside. It seems to do a great job with making the material squishy and soft while keeping the oil bleed to a minimum and has pretty much no smell. It feels great in the hand. While it has a soft touch, it is definitely not a soft type material. It is very elastic with a good amount of firmness. The material is really good quality and seems very durable.

The entrance hole has nice puffy pussy lips that open up to see an inner entrance. Here you can see the ribbed inner textures. Unlike most toys that are like this, it does not have a 2 layer design. Inside and out it features the same Fine Cross material.


So, I pour some lube in and get ready to go in. At first I tried with a half erection, but the firmness of the material wouldn’t let me through. With a full erection, I finally forced my way in while the tight tunnel tries to push me out. As you go in deeper you feel the tunnel get even narrower and tighter. It’s tight enough that even loosening your grip on it, it might just pop out. That said I didn’t think it was too tight.

The first half of the tunnel has a wider spaced area with big rounded ribs that give lots of stimulation to the head of the penis. But as it gets tighter halfway in, it gets more difficult to really stroke through. It mostly becomes a penis head stimulator and you never really feel that you go in that deep, so if that’s something you like, it can be disappointing.


Personally, the Virgin Age admission is not really for me. If you like a tight hole and like the virgin theme, you might find it more enjoyable than I do. It offers good head stimulation, but the tightness and size can make it difficult to just casually stroke. Another group of people that might enjoy this masturbator are those that might be smaller than average and just find other toys to be too loose or too deep.

Posted May 30, 2017

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