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Venus Real, Rich Soft


Product Review


The Venus Real from TOMAX has long been one of the best male masturbator toys available on the market. It took the great materials used in TOMAX’s Succubus line and put it in a thick, meaty body. Those original materials were the Soft, Regular and Hard and later on introducing the Very Soft material. But recently they’ve come to introduce their new Rich Soft material. As a big fan of soft materials, I was interested in finding out what makes it different from other really soft materials.

Just like the other firmnesses, the Venus Real in Rich Soft came in the same brightly colored and sturdy cardboard box. And just like those, the Rich Soft version sat in a sturdy plastic insert which always works as a great way to store their toys. Upon opening it up and picking up the masturbator, I felt my fingers just sink into the soft and thick material. It has a very fluffy feel to it.


For the Venus Real, I believe that a thinner lube works best for the subtle textures so I poured in some Astroglide Liquid. Just a little bit goes a long way. Thicker lubes tend to overpower subtle textures to the point that you won’t even notice they’re there. Just a bit of lube made the Venus Real nice and smooth inside.

With it all lubed up I started to penetrate it. I say penetrate, but it was more like the Rich Soft material just swallowed me up. From the moment I entered and as I went in deeper, it felt as if it were gently caressing my penis. It felt a lot like a really nice slow blowjob, and it felt really good. I can feel mostly just pushing my way through the thick and meaty material, and any curves inside were barely noticeable. It was almost like fucking a fluffy marshmallow. But as I continued to stroke, more of what makes the Rich Soft material special began to expose itself to me. Stroking slowly, I start to feel all the little bumps and wrinkles of the material inside start to cling to me. This brings a slightly different stimulation as I begin to feel the head of my penis warming up. As I approached climax it did not hold out on the pleasure. When I finally came, it felt as if it sucked every last drop out of me.

Since it is a low stimulation masturbator, it still take some time for me to build up to climax, but compared to other low stimulation toys that I use all the time, it felt like I came quicker than normal. Rather than the strength of stimulation, I think I just really liked the slight stickiness that the Rich Soft material offers.


Graphic on the box showing the inner structures.


This is the inner structure of the Venus Real Regular borrowed from Queen Cat Adult Toys, which is the same as the Rich Soft.

As someone who’s always talking about how he likes slow and rich feeling masturbators, the Venus Real in Rich Soft is amazing. But it does have very little stimulation. If you like heavy stimulation it might not be for you. While I love how it feels, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be as great of an experience to many other people. For those who like more stimulation I would recommend getting the Venus Real in Regular or Hard over the softer materials.

In terms of maintenance, TOMAX doesn’t recommend flipping it inside out. I found that it is possible to do so, but as it puts some stress at the hole opening, it would probably shorten its lifespan, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t had it long enough to really test the durability of the material, but from my short time with it and from the reputation of other TOMAX materials, I don’t think I have much to worry about.

Posted October 13, 2016.

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