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On this page, I am going to introduce you an extraordinary and sophisticated Japanese male masturbator called Venus. It is made by TOMAX, the same Japanese company that makes the best selling economy class masturbator Succubus and current big hit Busty Aichan and Quty tits.

There are so many good things I want to tell you about this incredible Venus masturbation toy, but first I want to talk a little about history of Venus.

There are many Japanese companies such as TENGA and Toy's Heart that have been making amazing masturbators for years. Competition in this business is tougher than ever. TOMAX being a newcomer in this business, they knew they needed to come up with something much better than the rest. With their monumental amount of dedication, their first product Succubus masturbator was a huge success. But that success didn't stop TOMAX from continuing their super extensive research and development, and they released their luxury model masturbator, and that's Venus. With its unique texture and feelings, Venus quickly became the best seller in Japan. That's how popular Venus is.

Just like Succubus masturbator, TOMAX made Venus available in 3 different firmness, Soft, Regular, and Hard. Hard isn't like rock hard. Hard is still soft but uses firmer material. As seen in the picture at the top of page, each firmness is colored differently.

Venus is also available in 3 different inner texture, and they are named

1. Venus Real
2. Venus Clone
3. Venus Cross

I'll show you each inner texture picture at the bottom of this page.

So how does Venus feel? Well, it's difficult to explain. Same as any other sex toys, just because I love it does not mean you will love it too. Everyone has different preference. But I can tell you that Venus is not designed to create strong stimulation. If you want strong stimulation for 5 minutes quick masturbation session, Tenga flip hole would be a better choice.

Venus does not have any large bumps or ribs inside of the tunnel. Especially with Venus Real, the texture is something I have never seen in any other masturbators. Venus is designed to provide realistic vagina feeling and designed for a long masturbation session. Venus gives you a gentle stimulation which builds up to a stronger sensation as you stroke. Because of the very thick wall, Venus provides pleasant pressure all around your penis.

Venus is available at Queen Cat Adult Toys. On their site, you can get more info such as size and weight of Venus.

Below is the inner texture of Venus Real.



And this inner texture below is Venus Clone.



And the last picture below is Venus Cross.


One quick note about lube you use with Venus. First of all, it has to be water-based because Venus is made of elastomer. Silicone or oil based lube will damage the material. Second, I would recommend to use thin consistency lube. Because inner texture of Venus is not intense, thick lube would cover up all the small nubs and bumps, and you would not be able to feel the detail of the tunnel.

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