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Venus Clone Very Soft


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The Venus had been one of the best male masturbator lines available for a while. With three textures to choose, Real, Clone, and Cross, and three material firmness levels, Soft, Regular, and Hard. The Venus series seemed to be the perfect masturbator to start a collection. Well, the designers at TOMAX beg to differ and introduced a fourth firmness level. Very Soft.

The new Very Soft feels lighter and even more elastic when compared to the previous firmness levels. The main difference when using a Very Soft Venus male masturbator is that the texture feels more realistic and allows you to build more explosive orgasms. For example, the Venus Clone which has bumps, a G-Spot, and a very narrow curved tunnel that replicates the anatomy of a woman's vagina - feels almost human in this Very Soft firmness material. As a stroker, it feels very delicate and feminine, caressing you and creating one of the best suctions possible in a toy. You barely feel the texture unless you squeeze the toy with your hands, but just the suction is so great and exciting that you won't care about the texture. The material absorbs your heat and warms to life-like temperatures pretty fast, reacting almost as the real thing.

If you really want to take the experience to a new level, use it in a hands-free setting. Because of how the material reacts and feels, you will forget that you are using a masturbation toy. The toy warms up, the narrow tunnel sucks you on every stroke, and when thrusting hands free, you feel the bounce on the toy. All these factors feel so real, you need to double check you are not fucking a real woman.

Some people will feel the material to be slightly stickier (specially after the toy has warmed to your temperature), but that is only inside the tunnel and it is caused by the suction inside the narrow tunnel. You can solve that issue by adding more lubricant than usual when you begin to use the toy and then you will be enjoying a new level of sensations.

This new material cleans in the same way that the other versions of the Venus line of masturbators.  Remember to use plenty of water-based lubricant to enjoy using this new firmness level from the experts at TOMAX.

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