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The TUBOMI is one of the newest male masturbators from EXE, the same company that designed the Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl. Following the idea of “young women” vaginas, the TUBOMI reproduces a beautiful and delicate lower torso with a camel toe vagina. Initially, the TUBOMI looks like other toys designed to be used with love pillows, but the it has more details and more functionality.

The details on the TUBOMI male masturbator add a touch of reality. You can notice a belly button at the top of the masturbator and a simulated asshole which is non penetrable, while the vagina has a clearly visible clitoris. The looks are great, but where the TUBOMI really separates from its competitors is on a single detail: Its tunnel is designed for full penetration.

The TUBOMI's tunnel is designed to accept a normal size penis, both in girth and length. The tunnel is a double layer contruction with lots of  bumps and ridges that feel very natural. The double layer of this toy covers the totality of the tunnel, but still allows the material to be very soft and elastic, allowing you to penetrate fully without worrying too much about the durability of the toy. The toy is not designed for handheld use, so it feels weird when you try to use it as a stroker, but when placed on top of one of the inflatable pillows or on a flat surface, the TUBOMI allows you to enjoy its nicely textured interior while simulating the missionary position. 

This masturbator provides excellent orgasms, but you need to use plenty of lube or lotion to really enjoy the textures inside the toy. Once you find a comfortable position to nail this masturbation toy, it can take quite a pounding and make you feel how having sex with a young lady really feels like.

Cleaning this Japanese masturbator is pretty easy, just use running water to clean the inside and dry any excess water before allowing to dry overnight. As with all sex toys, remember to use only water-based lubricants or lotions so you can enjoy your toy to the maximum.

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