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Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory


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This is a Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory male masturbator review.

If you are a lolicon fan, you know that tsurupeta is a combination of Japanese words meaning a female body that is flat on top and smooth below. It is a word often used for either young, undeveloped girls or for young women with that look. Good examples of tsurupeta girls in Western porn are Kitty Yung and Little Lupe, two porn stars who were famous due to their flat chests and petite figures.

Even if you are not a lolicon fan, you will become a fan of the Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Japanese male masturbator from EXE. According to the company, they constructed this masturbator after analyzing the pussies of young virgin girls. The result is a masturbator with a narrow canal full of ribs, right from the beginning and all the way until the end, to give you a soft toy packing a very stimulating experience.

The masturbator is double layered with a very soft and elastic external material. The toy has the exterior shape of a flat chested girl with a very cute backside. The entrance hole is small, but it is elastic enough to avoid ripping it when you use the masturbator, given you don't have a monster-sized penis. Once you penetrate the Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory, the thin internal layer allows you to feel the ribbed texture right away. After a few minutes going deep inside the flat chested torso, you will feel the tightness and the texture of this masturbator simply asking you for more, and you will give more! Orgasms with the Tsurupeta are intense, much more intense than expected from such a pretty little torso.

The toy is relatively small, just about 5 inches long, so if you are longer than that, be aware that you could damage the toy if you go too hard on it. The material is very stretchy but as any material, it has its limits!

Cleaning the Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory is very easy by flushing its insides with running water and using your finger to ensure no residues stay inside. Drying is quick, often needing overnight to dry completely.

As with all toys, remember to use only water-based lubricants to really enjoy it.

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