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Tsubo 2.0 type Spline Wave


Product Review


The Tsubo was a legendary male masturbator toy in Japan that was sadly discontinued. Thanks to TOMAX, it was revived and made even better using TOMAX’s now legendary high quality material and construction. They called it the Tsubo 2.0. And with the original 3 textures, they decided to add two more textures, one that I’ll be reviewing today, the type Spline Wave.

There are currently 4 material firmness levels available to the Tsubo 2.0, TOMAX’s Very Soft, Soft, Regular, and Hard. They have yet to make it in their new Rich Soft material. For the review, I chose the Regular firmness as it seems like the material that would be good for a wider variety of people. The firmness level can sometimes change a masturbator completely, so keep that in mind when reading this review.

TOMAX’s regular material should be something that most of my readers should be pretty familiar with. It has barely any oil bleed and hardly any smell unless put right up to the noise. The Tsubo body has a very simple, smooth cylinder shape, with no variations in thickness. In the hand, it feels like your averaged sized pocket pussy, with a length of about 6 ¼”. At the front of the toy, it has a small, strangely rectangular entrance hole of about ½” x ¼”. It’s small, but not too small that it becomes hard to enter.

After pouring some lube in, I finally made my way inside. Even without a full erection, I was able to penetrate it with just a bit of extra force. It did not feel that tight. As I forced my way through, I met just a slight resistance as I collide with the up and down wave of the inner structure. But as I go deeper inside, the resistance gets stronger and I now need to have a full-on boner to continue. Now fully erect, I charge through as I feel all the tiny ribbing rubbing my penis.


Looking at the picture above borrowed from Queen Cat Adult Toys, you can see how the up and down wave structure repeats through the entire tunnel, giving that feel of pushing through its meaty flesh. Even though it has very simple structures, it has a very good feel, and the small ribs combined with the wavy structure gives a nice accented stimulation.

Stimulation is not overly strong, and it never gets too tight. Personally, I think the Regular material gives just the right amount of stimulation. I’m a fan of small ribbing and I really enjoyed the rubbing feeling it gives in the Tsubo. The material itself feels great with just a bit of stickiness and nice wrapped around sensation. With all of this combined, in a flash, I found myself start to cum.

Lately it seems that complex, non-dimensional structures have become the norm. I, myself, often use them, but with the Tsubo 2.0 Spline Wave, I’m reminded that even a good masturbator toy with simple structures can feel really good. The Tsubo 2.0 may be moving in a direction opposite of current trends, it makes me think that older, legendary structures still have a place in the market.

Compared to TOMAX’s other toys the Tsubo 2.0 seems to have a good amount in stock. Combined with a smaller price point, I think it’s a good, budget alternative to the famous Lilith line. While not as popular, I want to encourage people to try it out. It might be an older type of male masturbator toy, but it’s still a great value, and much better than most bargain type toys.


Posted on November 22, 2016.

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