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TENGA Flip Hole


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TENGA Flip Hole male masturbator is high end model. When you pay $70, which is about this masturbator cost you, you don't want it to be disposable like TENGA Deep Throat Cup. TENGA came up with another great idea. They made it super easy to wash inside the hole. Flip Hole splits open for easy cleaning. You can easily wash inside and keep it clean.

Inner material is made of silicone elastomer and very durable. Their web site says it can be used for 50 times under normal usage. I don't know what defines the normal usage, but I will use it as many times as I can. If it holds up more than 50 times, I guess my usage is less normal. hahaha.

Design of inner texture is so complicated that it's impossible to describe in writing.

The material is not soft by any means, and the level of stimulation can be too much for some people. Flip Hole comes with 3 different sample lubes. If you feel the stimulation is too strong, I would recommend to use thick consistency lube to weaken the level of stimulation.

For information choosing lubricants, please see my Masturbator Lubricant page from the top menu.

Another unique feature of Flip Hole is that there are buttons on the outside. You press them to adjust tightness of the hole. This is a big improvement from Deep Throat Cup which is made of hard shell all around.

There is a white version of Flip Hole which has different inner texture and provides looser feeling.

Personally, the sensation I get from TENGA Flip Hole is much different than what I get from Venus masturbator or Meiki masturbators. As I mentioned above, the material used in Flip Hole isn't soft, or not as soft as other masturbatos in the same price range, so that it gives stronger stimulation. Also Flip Hole is lined with bigger bumps and ribs, and that is another reason for the stronger stimulation.

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