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TENGA Flip Air


Product Review



TENGA Flip Air masturbator is a next version of their Flip Hole. They look similar in shape and concept. They both split open and are lined with silicone elastomer. So what is new?

Flip Air incorporates a new technology called air-locking. How it works is that you press a button located outside to place the inner material to your desired tightness position. Then the material stays at the position until you press the button one more time. While material is in your desired position or "locked position", it will not release air from inside meaning you receive greater suction effect. That's really a neat feature.

Flip Air masturbator provides much stronger suction than Flip Hole. To me, the suction is too strong to feel the inner linings. If you want to feel and enjoy the inner linings, I recommend to choose Flip Hole. If you like ultra strong suction, Flip Air would be a better choice.

Other than that, honestly there is not much else to talk about TENGA Flip Air. Everything else is the same as Flip Hole.

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