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TENGA Egg is another well designed male masturbator. It's amazing how they continue surprising us with their unique design. I can't wait to see their next products already. So, let's take a look at their Egg.

When you open the egg shell, you will find a very stretchy elastomer in it. At the first look, it looks like some type of jelly, but that is TENGA Egg masturbator. You put it onto your penis just like you do with a condom. The size is small, it fits onto any size penis. We tested, and it easily covers entire fist and forearm.

The design of this Japanese masturbator is beyond amazing. So many of this TENGA Egg masturbator have been sold, and TENGA is having hard time keeping up with the demand. I heard they bought one thousand more chicken at their famous TENGA farm in Japan. I wonder what they feed them.


At the time of this writing, TENGA Egg is available in 6 different texture, and each of them is disposable, one time use.

As for the feeling, other TENGA cups provide better sensation. TENGA Egg is more like fun toy to keep on a desk at work as a joke or something. I am not saying this is not a good toy. I think this is a brilliant toy because it can change the dark image of masturbation. This is exactly the type of toy that sex toy industries should keep producing to change the public perception about sex toys.

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