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Sujiman Kupa Setsuna


Product Review


Magic Eyes have a new entry on their long time running Sujiman Kupa Series of male masturbator toys. The series is known for their big puffy pussy lips that open up to show a contrasting inner layer material. While they’ve come in different sizes and concepts, this toy, the Sujiman Kupa Setsuna continues on the legacy of the classic hand held masturbators of the series such as the Roa and Rina. Let’s see what new ideas and features they’ve added to Setsuna to make this stand out from its older sisters.


For material, they’re using what they call Love Rubber Skin. The material, like you’d expect from Magic Eyes, is high quality with a smooth feel and practically no oil bleed or smell. On the side it has AG+ sticking out of the material. This means that they’ve added Silver Ions to the material which is known to have antibacterial properties. This can help keep your masturbator toy clean, but I still wouldn’t cut corners with cleaning it. In terms of firmness it is similar to Toy’s Heart’s Safe Skin or TOMAX’s Regular material.


Looking at it, of course you’ll see the big puffy pussy lips. Open it up, you’ll see the bright pink/red inner layer and thick inner lips. But one new feature not seen before is that there is a urethra hole, adding a new level of realism and eroticism. The urethra is only about half an inch deep and is not really penetrable, so it’s there just for aesthetics.

The inner layer feels softer and slimier, meant to mimic the inner wall of a vagina. The dual-layer is very common among Magic Eyes masturbator toys and the two layers seem to be very well attached together and doesn’t seem like it’ll easily peel apart.


The inner structures do not have any major textures like big ribs or bumps, but has more subtle wrinkles or ripples lining the walls. The tunnel is pretty much straight all the easy through to the end.

To go in I poured some lube inside and a bit on the head of my penis. The entrance hole is pretty wide so I easily slipped inside, but going into the inner entrance it become noticeably tighter. With a bit of extra force, I made myself through. The inner entrance is pretty tight so you’d probably need a full erection to get through it.

As I pushed my way in deeper, I can feel it trying to slightly push me out. It is definitely a tight feeling masturbator. It never gets uncomfortable and never harsh. The subtle textures give a nice, delicate stimulation. Pushing through the inner walls as it softly rubbed my head and shaft felt really good and suited my tastes.

While initial impressions and cost make it seem to be a great masturbator for the more budget minded, the great feel and high quality material pushes it up to a more middle class toy. I think it’s a great value and I can safely recommend it for most men whether you’re just being introduce to Japanese onahole/masturbators or a veteran who knows what they want.

Posted May 31, 2017

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