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Sujiman Kupa Cocolo


Product Review


Lately, more and more large male masturbator toys are being released. Before, you were very limited in choices and those few choices tended to be very expensive. But in the past year or so, prices of large masturbator toys are about $100 less than they used to be, and the amount of interesting choices has increased. This has made large masturbator toys more accessible to more people and causing even greater interest in them from masturbation enthusiasts.

This time we’ll be reviewing Japanese manufacturer, Magic Eyes’, first large masturbator entry into their popular Sujiman Kupa series, the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo. The Sujiman Kupa series is known for thick pussy lips, nice body details, as well as using a dual-layer construction, meaning that the inside material is different from the outside. So far they have all been smaller single holed masturbators. The Cocolo however features many of the features of the series but is larger and adds an anal hole. They’ve also created some industry firsts, such as a suction mechanism and a unified U shape hole. I’ll explain what these things are and my impressions of them down below.

Material wise, there is hardly any smell, and very little oil bleed. The material used is soft but firm, very similar to EXE’s Puni Hole DX. The outside has nice little tits and body curves. It is not a 1:1 scale toy so it’s more like looking at a small doll than a real person, but was still very nice to look at.

There are two hole types. The thick lipped vagina is life-like while the anal hole is simple and tight. Despite being dual-layer I didn’t feel much difference in softness between the outside and inside.

When inserting my dick into the vagina hole, there was some resistance, but even half erect, I was able to go all the way in. Looking at the small tits and body while fucking it makes it a very erotic experience. Tightness was average, while stimulation was fairly subtle. You can feel the slight curves and peaks of the inside wall. Instead of giving you a direct, hard orgasm, it’s a gradual build up to climax.

The anal hole on the other hand is a lot tighter, and gives more resistance when not fully erect. The inside texture is very subtle so there isn’t much in term of stimulation. It felt more like a bonus than a main feature. I thought the vagina, in use and visually, were superior.

Now onto the unique features of the inside. The most noticeable unique feature, is the U shaped construction. The vagina and anal holes are actually a single hole that combine inside. In the end of the anal hole is the other unique feature, the “auto-vacuum mechanism.” The two features are supposed let air out of the anal hole when fucking the vagina, but keeping air from coming back in, increasing suction. I personally found this mechanism to not work that well for me, so I would just plug the butt hole with my finger if I wanted more suction. Because of these structures, getting all the way to the deep parts when cleaning was more difficult. These new features, seemed like a good idea, but to me, they kind of fell short.

Overall, I thought the mellow and gradual stimulation as well as the nice visuals of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo are very good points. I wish the price was more competitive with the Puni Hole DX, however, it would be a great toy for those who like a more realistic feel as well as the little visual details.

Posted on June 17, 2014.

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