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Succubus masturbator is a reasonably priced middle class masturbator, but it definitely has a quality of luxury models. They have been the best seller since they were released in Japan. You might think that those lips aren't as realistic as many other masturbators on a market, but don't let the look fool you. Amazing feel of inner texture and the top quality of skin material make the Succubus very popular. Let's take a look and see for yourself why it is such a good masturbator.

Succubus male masturbator is available at Queen Cat Adult Toys.

Succubus is available in 4 different inner textures.

1. 2D-Wavy Ripple

2. Bumpy Road

3. Dots

4. Standard Ripple

I will show you closer look of above 4 textures down the page.

Each of above textures is available in 3 different firmness
    Hard   /   Regular   /   Soft

First thing I noticed was how soft and lifelike its skin was. TOMAX, the manufacturer, named it Succubus Skin, and it is developed through extensive test and research. It is absolutely one of the nicest skin on a market. And it is 100% made in Japan.

Material: TOMAX uses only the highest quality material available.  All material used in Succubus is either medical grade or food grade. I really like how dedicated TOMAX is to make good quality products. It is latex free, phthalate free, silicone free, and non-toxic. 

Durability: Succubus is designed to endure numerous usage. For the testing purpose, TOMAX turned Succubus inside out and left it alone for one week. When the quality is bad, it starts tearing at the entrance in a matter of few hours. Succubus didn't have any problem after a week long of continuous pulling pressure. That's pretty good.

Cleaning: Just like any other masturbators, Succubus is made of elastomer blend which means it is porous. It is very important to clean it well with mild soap and water after each use. You can use baby powder with it so that it does not get overly sticky. TOMAX recommend not to leave it under direct sun light because it causes Succubus to get dried up and break.

Lube to use: Use water-based lubricant only. Silicone or oil-based lube will damage Succubus or any other elastomer blend masturbators. Slick Specialist is a recommended lubricant by Queen Cat Adult Toys as they are formulated with Japanese lube recipes.

2D-Wavy Ripple and Dots look the same when they are cut in half because both models have very narrow and wavy path. It's an amazing sensation when you push your penis through the very narrow and wavy path. Because the path is narrow, it wraps your penis around completely without missing a spot. I added 2 more better pictures below so you can see closer look of 2D-Wavy Ripple and Dots inner texture.

Succubus 2D-Wavy Ripple inner texture

Succubus Dots inner texture

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