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Strawberry Girl


Product Review



Toy's Heart Strawberry Girl is an economy class masturbator. Economy class usually means its weight is light, price is inexpensive, and inner texture is pretty simple and straightforward. Strawberry Girl is light and inexpensive, but what's unique about this masturbation toy is that the path is lined with something you don't normally see in economy class. It is lined with thin and long nubs that are placed vertically. You normally see ribs or nubs placed in horizontal position. This texture is very unique, as matter of fact, I've never seen a texture like this in any other masturbators. I would say that I am pretty experienced in using masturbators, and when I look at texture, I can pretty much tell what it would feel like. But with this texutre, I had no idea what it would feel like till I actually used it.

So how did I feel? Let me tell you that this texture is very nice. But before I get into the detail, I have to talk about the material used in this masturbator. Material used in this sleeve is made of Fine Cross. Many people probably have never heard of Fine Cross. It is different material from Toy's Heart's famous Safe Skin or Baby Skin, and it's rare that Toy's Heart uses this rare material with an economy masturbator. That alone tells you that this masturbator is unique and different. Fine Cross is smooth, non sticky, and very elastic.

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