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According to Wikipedia, the word satori is Japanese for Buddhist awakening or Enlightenment. I expected the word to mean tight, because this male masturbator from Magic Eyes is ultra tight.

True to their custom of designing masturbators based on unusual ideas, the guys at Magic Eyes bring now the Satori - a male masturbator for the fan of tight spaces. The Satori apparently was inspired by the fantasy of  having sex with a spinner - a tiny, young, and petite woman who you can rotate on your penis while you have sex with her without ever removing yourself. Sounds like fun, ah?

This masturbator takes this idea to the extreme, giving a toy that although in the average length of 6 inches long, it is very tight with a canal of just 0.5 inches wide. Add these measurements with a material that is more dense than the other toys from Magic Eyes, a smooth interior, and a curved design, and you have an interesting experience.

The Satori has a double layer construction that is different from any other masturbator in the market. The materials used in the Satori are on the firm side, barely stretching when penetrated. That stiffness works perfectly with the texture of the internal layer - a smooth interior with a few choke points and raised sections. The curved design of the masturbator also allows you to feel different sensations depending on the orientation of the toy. The curvature makes pressure on your penis and changing the orientation of that curvature, your penis will be stimulated in different ways. Because the toy is tight and the material is not too stretchy, the smooth and slick design of the tunnel allows you to feel as if you are nailing a horny and wet petite woman. 

Be advised that if you have a penis with a girth greater than 4.25 inches, penetrating the Satori could be almost mission impossible if you try to force yourself in. You will need to use plenty of lubricant and patience to penetrate this tight lady with a thick penis, but if you achieve it, you will enjoy one of the tightest rides available in the market.

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