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Romanesco, Regular & Rich Soft


Product Review


In continuing what TOMAX did with the Dolphin, they held another male masturbator toy design contest in 2013. The winning design of that contest became what is now the Romanesco. While the Dolphin’s design was based off biological ideas, the Romanesco’s design is based off a mathematical concept. It asks the question, can a great feeling masturbator toy be created from math?


Above: Romanesco Broccoli.

Based on the ideas of fractals and the Fibonacci Sequence it explores the idea of repeating patterns. This can be found in the natural world such as weather patterns, sea shells, and the Romanesco broccoli. This broccoli has a repeating spiraling pattern that starts from the small little details and repeats to the larger shape of the vegetable. This is where the theme and inner structures of the Romanesco masturbator come from. But this all means nothing of the toy doesn’t feel good, right?

For my review, I wanted to go with the Regular and Rich Soft materials. Regular should give a baseline of how the textures feel, and Rich Soft because those who are regulars should know, I love the feeling of soft masturbators and wanted to know how the textures would complement the material. The Romanesco is also available in all of TOMAX’s firmnesses, from Hard to Very Soft.


The packaging is super simple, in a clear see through plastic box. Inside is the great plastic casing that TOMAX masturbators tend to come in. Overall, the packaging makes for a great way to store it. Of course, it’s clear, so anyone will see what exactly is inside so not the most discrete. It also came with a packet of Insomnia Masturbator Lube.


Above: Regular.

First let’s look at the Romanesco in Regular. On the outside, it looks like the Dolphin. It’s a simple smooth cylinder with a bulbous opening end. The material is very smooth with barely any noticeable oil bleed or smell. The firmness is about the same as a Fleshlight.


Above: Regular.

Using Insomnia Lube I made my way inside. Pushing my way in, I can feel all the little granular bumps rubbing against the head of my penis and shaft. It gave a great feeling stimulation that was never too harsh. The tunnel kept a nice and snug fit around my shaft. While not a super deep masturbator, it’s deep enough that you can squeeze out some air to get some good suction. I think those who like good amounts of stimulation would enjoy it.


Above: Rich Soft.

Now for the Rich Soft. This material is very soft, almost viscous feeling. It is TOMAX’s softest material and you’ll be hard pressed to find many masturbator toys that can match its softness. While more noticeable than on the regular, oil bleed is kept to a minimum and has hardly any noticeable smell. Being a big fan of the material, I was really looking forward to trying it in the Romanesco.


Above: Rich Soft

Again, I poured in some Insomnia Lube and went at it. Insertion was super smooth even at half an erection. It felt like going into the soft insides of a mouth with the tip of the tongue starting to lick me up. As I went deeper, the first thing I thought was, “where’d the bumps go?” haha. The bumps pretty much disappeared. But as I continued to stroke, it started to feel better and better. While the bumps were still not very noticeable all the little granular textures all over the inner wall gave an interesting sticky stimulation that slowly built me up to orgasm. The gentle stimulation was just a right match to the fleshy material and gave a perfect pushing through feel.



Above: Inside texture.

After using both masturbators, the difference between the two was staggering, making them almost like two completely different things. In the Regular you can really feel all the little and big structures inside of the tunnel. It’s a great choice for those who like a snug feeling tunnel with strong stimulation, while never getting too harsh. The Rich Soft on the other hand has a stimulation like no other. You don’t really feel the bumps of the structures that the toys is designed around, but it feels great and I believe those who like a slow buildup would enjoy it.

For maintenance, I wouldn’t recommend repeatedly flipping the Rich Soft inside out for cleaning as it will most likely weaken the durability of the soft material, but the Regular should do fine.

Posted May 5, 2017

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