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Product Review


Today we have the Quattronade masturbator from RIDE JAPAN. This is another Softee Touch material series from RIDE JAPAN


Out of the box, the first thing I notice is how soft the toy is. Holding it in my hand, the weight of the material will cause the toy to bend down. It weights about 1lb 1oz on my scale here and when you hold it, you really notice the material difference from traditional masturbators. The finish is the usual somewhat oily manufacturing finish and smell, which is not bothersome.


The hole to the masturbator is about 0.5” wide, a simple circle hole. Inside, there are grooved lines tightly packed into 4 corners, creating a “+” shape in the center.


Applying the supplied lube, even at a half-erect state, you can push in easily due to the Softee Touch material. The soft yet firm inner material gives a very gentle stimulation which I very much enjoy.


Since the materials are tightly packed and firm, there is a feeling of being wrapped from all around. With a slow stroke, it almost feels like you are being licked softly. The grooved lines are not overly strong and will not take away from the soft and gentle stimulation. The material is very gentle and will make you want to keep it inside forever.


Twisting motions provide a different sensation and combined with the stroking, it feels amazing. If you enjoy gentle stimulation, this toy will allow you to relax and enjoy your masturbation session for a longer time.


Posted May 26, 2018

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