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OniFella Hole III Ayu Sakurai


Product Review


Today we have the OniFella Hole III Ayu Sakurai by the adult film maker KMP. Like previous KMP products, this one also features adult film star Ayu Sakurai as the product image model.

onifella-hole-ayu-sakurai-1002x668-3.jpg onifella-hole-ayu-sakurai-1002x668-2.jpg

Out of the box, the first thing I notice is how big the toy is compared to others that I have reviewed. It weights about 1lb 3oz on my scale here and when you hold it, you can feel how meaty the toy is. This oral masturbator has powder finish on the toy to prevent unnecessary sticking to the packaging and possibly to absorb some of the manufacturing oil. Personally, it does not bother me and it washes off quite easily.


The attention to detail is pretty high for this product. It has nicely lined teeth, nice volume lips, tongue, and even a uvula.


Unlike the previous oral masturbator by KMP where the tongue is sticking out, this one is slightly different. The tongue sits inside and firmly attached to the mouth, not allowing for free movement.


When applying the supplied lube, the mouth is nice and wide, making it a mess-free procedure. The lube is very thin and feels like it will almost pour back out during use.


For an oral masturbator, I feel that the sensation during insertion is important but possibly due to the harder lips, it does not feel so much like a blowjob. There is no lip wrapping feeling that you would expect from an oral masturbator. Once you reach the tongue portion, you can feel like large tongue rub against the bottom of your dick, which is a great sensation.


As you push further, you will hit the uvula and can get quite tight. Requiring some force to push through, there are different materials to intensify stimulation. The construction material looks to be very strong and looks to be no problem for long-term use and even reversing it inside-out for cleaning.


Overall, this masturbator is a loose in the front allowing for easy insertion and much tighter as you go deeper. The stimulation is about normal for this type of toy and there are little to no sticky residue or smell.


Posted May 26, 2018

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