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Ona Pit


Product Review


Toy's Heart Ona Pit male masturbator is similar in design to TENGA Egg. It is a little bigger and thicker than TENGA Egg though.

Ona Pit male masturbator is made of very stretchy material. It fits easily over my fist, so it should fit on the biggest penis without problem unless you have a bigger penis than my fist. What you do with it is to put it over a head of your penis, similar to how you put a condom on, and slide it up and down on your penis. The hand movement is exactly the same way you normally do when you masturbate. It is lined with stimulators so that you will feel different sensation than what you feel from your hand.

There are 4 different texture to choose from; Wave, Dot, Sucker, and Pleats. All of them come with one stick type sample lubricant.

Stimulation you get from Ona Pit male masturbator is different from stimulation you get from a regular style masturbator. Because you put it onto a head of penis and slide it up and down, mostly your shaft gets stimulated, not a head of penis. Well, I don't know. It's possible that I didn't use it correctly. There might be a way to stimulate your entire penis including the head area.

One thing I'm certain is that Ona Pit does not give you penetration feeling like regular style masturbators do. With regular style masturbators, whether they are cheap or expensive, at least you get penetration feeling. It seems to me that Ona Pit only gives you a slightly different sensation than regular hand job. Well, as you can tell by now that I wasn't impressed by Ona Pit. But to be fair, I want to make it clear that Ona Pit does give you a stimulation. Just because I didn't like it does not mean you should not try it. Besides it's a $5 toy, and it's even reusable. If you use your hand all the time, why don't you try it. It can be a fun alternative.








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