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My Ona Pet 2


Product Review



My Ona Pet 2 by Mate is a longer and thicker version of the popular Ona Pet masturbator. This new version has a tiny entry hole to a tunnel full of ribs that get closer and narrower as you go deeper into the toy. The material is safe, extremely elastic, and surprisingly durable for a masturbator of its price range (about $20).

When you use the Ona Pet 2 you feel the soft ribs around your penis. The deeper you go, the ribs become thinner and closer, sometimes feeling as a smooth interior depending on how much lubricant you use. The material is extremely soft and flexible, so you can feel (and see) your penis inside the toy at all times stretching the masturbator. The suction is pretty decent and can be managed by squeezing the masturbator when your penis is halfway into the toy.

As a hand held masturbator, the Ona Pet 2 is good, but when used hands free, it is even better than expected. Due to its size, the Ona Pet 2 is perfect to use with most Japanese love dolls. Using this masturbator in a love doll completely changes the sensations. You can feel the ribs better  - from the ones at the beginning of the tunnel to the narrow ones at the end – and you can notice the softness of the material even better because you are not squeezing the masturbator. Suction will vary through the masturbation session, with the masturbator feeling more natural. If you have different love bodies with straight and curved vaginal cavities, the flexibility of the Ona Pet 2 will fit nicely in either one, giving you different sensations thanks to the pressure of the ribs over your penis while using the inflated  love bodies. Also, how much you inflate the love dolls will change the sensations – so you have an economic masturbation toy with a lot of possibilities.

All said, the Ona Pet 2 is a good masturbator, perfect for those looking for their first Japanese toy.

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