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Muses Kokalo


Product Review



Now I’ll be reviewing the last of the 3 varieties of Muses male masturbator toys from TOMAX, The Muses Kokalo. This version of the Muses is said to have a bone inspired theme with a dynamic construction. Softer materials were recommended for this one so I decided to go with the Very Soft firmness.

Of course on the outside, the Kokalo looks and feels just like the Fillo that I reviewed. It’s nice and thick like TOMAX’s Venus series, and feels really soft and squishy. It has a nice and smooth feel, with very little oil bleed and smell. Compared to other soft male masturbator toys, TOMAX really has some of the best quality materials.

Upon peaking inside, can see some bone-like humps sticking out all around the inner wall. Along the surface of these “bones” are lots of little ribs. This was a continuing theme all around. It does have a bit of a winding structure, so it was a bit hard to look all the way deep inside. It has a very rough and dynamic looking construction, especially compared to the smooth and simple outside.

I really wanted to feel the structures inside so decided to go with a thin viscosity lube. As I went inside, it was a lot less tight than I was expecting. The opening easily widened and was easily penetrable with even a half erection.

As I slowly went in deeper I could really feel the stimulation coming from the ribbing. Even with the very soft material, stimulation was still easily noticeable. That said, it wasn’t a strong, overpowering stimulation, the soft and thick material gave something close to a really good blow job. The winding construction even adds a bit of that feeling of pushing through. With the added stimulation of the ribbing, this is definitely not a masturbator that wants you to slowly stroke, but wants to finish you off instantly. Within a few moments of stroking I was already on the verge of orgasm. Slowing down the strokes did very little and I thought it was just about over, but I was able to calm myself down by trying to read some news. haha After I finally naturally came, if felt as if I was just sucked dry, and was very satisfied.

Compared with the other Muses masturbators I tested and reviewed, the stimulation from the Kokalo was my favorite. In the Very Soft material, it’s not particularly meant for slow, gradual stroking, nor does it have the highest stimulation, but it does have a very well rounded and balanced feel. If you tried some masturbators like the Venus Real and thought it just didn’t have enough stimulation, try the Muses Kokalo. Of course the material hardness will affect the feel, and the very soft was very nice. I imagine the harder materials would have even stronger stimulation.

If I were to look for a problem, it would probably that the tunnel is not the deepest with about 4.5 inches of depth. It was perfectly fine for me, but for those with long penises, it might not be enough.

For maintenance, I don’t recommend it, but it is possible to flip it inside out to clean. The tunnel is wider than the other two Muses, so it was easier to do on the Kokalo than the others.

Overall, I thought that TOMAX’s Muses Kokalo in Very Soft to be currently one of the best masturbators for the money. The material and construction is some of the highest quality, and it just feels really good. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a new male masturbator toy to try.

Posted June 28, 2016

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