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Muses Fillo


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Today I’ll be reviewing another one from the new Muses series of male masturbator toys from TOMAX. This time it will be the Muses Fillo. It is described as having a tunnel that curves in an upwards direction to give that feeling of pushing your way in. I decided to go for the Very Soft firmness for this one.

The moment you take it out of its packaging, you can definitely feel just how soft the material is. It’s noticeably softer than the Soft material. It feels nice and smooth with hardly any oil bleed and smell. Typically, softer toys have problems with oil bleed, but this is controlled very well.

Looking at a cross section photo, you can see the tunnel curve in an upward direction, which is supposed to enhance a pushing through feel. When peaking inside, it has these large lumps that form a tight cross-like opening.

Despite the narrow hole, the soft material made entering a breeze, even with a half erection. There was no tight pressure, as the material relaxes as you push through. As you slowly make your way in, you can really feel the meatiness of the Fillo with the tender pushing through feeling the toy advertises. It feels great.

The Very Soft material feels really nice. Almost like the gentle kiss from a pair of soft lips. The lumps that line the inside of the tunnel is lined by fine ribbing but is really not noticeable. The meatiness of the material is really the main feel of the toy, with just a faint stimulation coming in every once in a while. As someone who prefers a relaxed, full-bodied stimulation, I really liked this. Gradually I felt the head of my penis get warmer, until I was ready for a full blown orgasm. The Muses Fillo in the very soft material is perfectly made for anyone who likes to go for long, slow sessions.

Of course you also have several different choices of material firmness. If the Very Soft just doesn’t have enough stimulation for you, you have the choice of 3 firmer materials for different levels of stimulation. When I have the chance I’d like to try it in the Regular firmness to see how higher stimulation would feel.

One potential problem I do find is the tunnel is only a little over 4 inches, so it is not deep. Some with a longer than average penis size might not enjoy it as much, but I had no problem with it.

For maintenance, while it’s not recommended to flip inside out, it is possible. However, because of the shallow tunnel and not too complicated inner structures, I found it pretty easy to reach inside to dry without any flipping. Compared to the Muses Arkhe, the Muses Fillo was very easy to maintain.

Posted June 28,2016

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