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Muses Arkhe


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I finally got my hands on the new Muses series of male masturbator toys from TOMAX. This time I’ll be reviewing the Muses Arkhe which is supposed to be natural feeling with a special uterus. From some reading, the Soft firmness seemed to be the best, and most balanced choice, so I went with that. It’s also offered with all of TOMAX’s softer and harder firmness choices.

Upon opening it up and taking it out for the first time, I noticed how very little oil bleed or scent it had. It was practically unnoticeable. You can really see how much care was put into manufacturing these toys. It had no bubbles or noticeable seams, it just looked pristine. It looks very similar to the TOMAX Venus in terms of size and thickness. It came in nice reusable packaging with a sturdy plastic insert.

I really wanted feel all the little nuances of the insides, so instead of just getting any random lube and jamming it in, I poured in some low viscosity Astro Glide lube and slowly went in. The entrance hole is not too tight, and I was able to smoothly get inside. The hole is nicely centered on the front so I can really feel the thickness of the material as it wrapped around me.

When looking at a cross section of the Arkhe you can easily see the inner structures and uterus at the end. At the first half is a subtle texture. I wouldn’t call it ribbing, but more like wrinkles, with some added bumpy areas. The closest toy I can compare it to would be the TOMAX Venus Real. It lends itself well to slow and steady stimulation.

As I pushed my head further in, I felt a small hole just swallow me up. The uterus in this is definitely noticeable. It’s located at about 3 inches deep inside, but it felt closer than what I was expecting it to be. I don’t know how penetrating into an actual uterus actually feels like, but I can imagine that it could feel something close to this. I probably penetrated into the uterus about 5 times out of every 10 strokes, but it gives a very strange, but nice feeling to the head of the penis.

The stimulation at the first half of the Arkhe is very light, so I think it would be a masturbator more suitable for those who like a more relaxed, rich experience. It then adds a really nice additional accent with the uterus. It’s not a constantly occurring stimulation, but adds a kind of exciting surprise when you do end up going inside it.

There are so many Japanese masturbator toys out there nowadays that have a uterus, but I feel like the Muses Arkhe is the best at making use of it. In terms of my firmness choice, I think the Soft was the right one. Very Soft or the new Rich Soft I think would be too soft making the uterus hole most likely unnoticeable and completely useless. A harder firmness, I imagine if I weren’t careful would probably feel pretty uncomfortable.

The only area the Muses Arkhe isn’t so great in is definitely with cleaning and maintenance. With the way the uterus is made and positioned, it becomes more difficult to reach inside and dry it after washing. It’s also not recommended to flip it inside-out to wash, and I imagine it would be pretty difficult to try and do so based on the construction and uterus.

Posted on June 28,2016

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