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Monster Kakusei


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If you find Japanese male masturbator boring to look, then you must take a minute and check the latest from Magic Eyes. Their Monster masturbation sleeve series is one of the most originals in the market. We are talking about masturbators with unique, crazy exterior designs and even more insane internal textures. For whatever reason, the Monster series look like alien vaginas should look - intimidating, strange, and definitively non-human, but at the same time, sexy and inviting. Their new male masturbator, the Monster Kakusei is the second version of Magic Eyes' Monster series. Like its older sisters, Kakusei is everything except boring.

The Monster Kakusei keeps the tradition of the weird looking exterior designs. Its outside is molded with lots of strange looking bumps, folds, and thick veins, making it look like it is going to become alive in any second. But that is not the only insane looking thing on the Kakusei - when you check the box graphics showing the tunnel texture, then you realize the best is yet to come.

This Monster male masturbator has a double layer design - a soft material on the outside with a tunnel covered with a material of different firmness on the inside. When you have a straight tunnel, this double layers work wonders, but when you have a complex tunnel shape, the double layer can take you to Cloud 9. That said, the interior textures on the Monster Kakusei will take you to Cloud 10!

How? Well, for starters, the tunnel has a completely organic texture (no ribs, nubs, or dots in this toy), shaped with the bents and curves you would expect from a high end male masturbators. Because of the organic texture of the tunnel, the Kakusei allows you build up your orgasm. At first, sensations are going to be delicate but constant feedback of the texture. A few minutes into your session, you begin to feel every single fold and bend inside the tunnel. EVERY SINGLE ONE! The tunnel puts some pressure on all the right places, and the suction improves as you get deeper into the sleeve. Look at the toy, and you will notice the bumps and veins on the exterior expanding and contracting with each one of your strokes. The monster inside this toy awakes and forces you to slow down or explode. Soon enough, you give the monster what it wanted, leaving you asking if the damn thing was alive from the start.

If you had watched enough hentai, you know the Monster Kakusei male masturbator will want more from you, so be prepared for encores. You will enjoy them!

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