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Product Review

Here is MIU masturbator from Toy's Heart. The exterior looks very similar with Erotic Older Sister, possibly the same mold was re-used. Hole consists of 4 different sections.

Material it's made of is Safe Skin. It isn't that long in length but thick and meaty. Inside the hole is packed with many fun things, and it is pretty heavy. It has some sweet smell but it's not bad at all.

Entrance is wide, almost an inch, and so thick that you can clearly feel your penis being sandwiched by those soft material. When you go in slowly, the feeling of pushing through the meaty wall is very pleasant. After that, there is a first devider thing called a ring that you have to go through. Then you go over a bump, then go under a bump, and go throught the second ring to the last section which is a pocket area where you can feel the suction effect if you squeeze all the air out.

As long as your stroke is slow, MIU feels good. Combination of this super complicated inner texture and Safe Skin seems to be mismatch. Softer Baby Skin is probably better, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure that for those who like stronger stimulation will like this design and texture. If you think the stimulation is too strong, using a thick lotion can reduce the level of stimulation.

If you like masturbators with soft material and gentle stimulation like super realistic inner texture Venus masturbator, photo on the left, MIU can be painful.

Design and texture of MIU masturbator is very unique. It's nice to add a toy like this to your collection.

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