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Product Review



Toy's Heat Melody male masturbator is 7 inches long and weighs 14 oz. It is larger than most of other Toy's Heart products. It is made of Baby Skin, and wall is pretty thick.

In order to prevent the end of tunnel from breaking, the end is made an over an inch thick. You can pound this sleeve hard without worrying about breaking through at the end. Thick wall also can provide better internal pressure and stimulation.

Entrance is about an inch wide. You can place a head of you penis at the opening and easily penetrate in it. Penetration feeling is pretty good with the thick wall wraps around penis from every direction.

As you can see from the photo below, the hole makes several tight turns, and you have to push your way through those turns, which creates interesting sensation. Try stroking fast and slow to taste two completely different sansations. The hole is also lined with short spaced thin and soft ribs. Because the Baby Skin is soft, those bunch of ribs create gentle and pleasant sensation, but because of the way the tunnel is turning, even with the soft Baby Skin, stimulation level is rather strong.

Because size of the hole is the same from the entrance all the way through the end and also making turns, you can't release air by squeezing to get a suction effect. No suction effect does not mean it's not enjoyable. Melody male masturbator provides plenty of enjoyable stimulation. I would say if you are in a mood for having stronger stimulation and keep your masturbation session short, Melody would be a good choice.

As for the durability, it is meaty and has thick skin, and I don't see any signs of weakness and think it's fairly well designed, solid male masturbator.


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