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Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu


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What we have here is 5th generation of Meiki series male masturbator. This time, NPG went to China to make a vagina copy of very popular nude model Zhang Xiao Yu.

Material of later generations of Meiki series masturbators had been way too soft, but this Zhang Xiao Yu (ZXY) is a bit firmer, like material of Elegance of Meiki. ZXY also smells similar to Elegance of Meiki, so I'm guessing they went back to the original material.

Size of Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu male masturbator is larger than Elegance of Meiki. Personally I liked the feel of 2nd generation, but the problem of 2nd generation was that it was too big to use with one hand and too small to set on a table. It was simply difficult to use.

Now Zhang Xiao Yu, 5th generation, is larger but still small enough to use with one hand. It looks to me that this is the maximum size to use it as a hand held stroker. If they make it any bigger than this, it would be hard to handle.

As for the feel of ZXY, she has one of the best penetration feeling. The entrance opens up gently and wraps up your penis so softly that you would feel as if your penis would start melting.

Inside, stimulation level is low. ZXY male masturbator is definitely for people who like weak stimulation and a long play session. Gentle inner texture and thick wall slowly stimulate you, and with each stroke, you will gradually get closer to the orgasm. That's probably how you would feel with ZXY.

From ZXY, manufacturer starts using dual layer structure. If you have used other dual layered masturbators, you know how fragile this structure is. Thin inner layer easily peals off from outer layer. I strongly recommend not to turn it inside out. When you clean it, you have to run water in it with your finger in it. Good practice for your fingering skill.

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