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Meiki Sarah


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7th generation Meiki male masturbator series introduces half Brazilian half Japanese young porn star Sarah. Since the generation 5th, Meiki series uses dual layer, soft outer layer, firm inner layer. Inner layer is somewhat sticky, meaning clearer stimulation. With this combination of 2 different type of material, masturbators is supposedly able to provide better sensation.

Softness of outer layer seems to be the same as 6th generation Yen Jyu Yi. It's not too soft and has some elasticity. The biggest change is at the entrance. Bulged lips are closed. When you open those lips up, you can see naughty pink inner skin. As you penetrate your penis, those lips spread open just like real vagina lips and then wraps up your penis as you go deeper. You will enjoy just looking at how those lips move on your penis.

Inside, it's not too loose nor too tight. But comparing with 6th generation, it seems to me that the stimulation is milder. It has a big G spot with suction cup like thing built-in which gently massages upper part of your penis. There is also a big bump at the lower part, right around the middle of the hole. That creates a little tight feeling. You have to push through the area. Then the hole makes a turn and goes down. Upper part of your penis naturally rubs against upper part of the hole, which atcuatlly feels pretty good. Because the hole isn't straight and also the hole is lined with bunch of small bumps, turning the masturbator side way or even upside down will creates unique sensation. 

Dual layered masturbators are known to be undurable against rough play. Inner layer and outer layer get separated. By checking the area where 2 layers are glued together, it seems to be they are glued together very tight. But because of the bulged lips and small entrance, there still is a chance that the entrance area might tear after several times of use.

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