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Meiki Maria Ozawa


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Maria Ozawa is one of the famous porn star in Japan. Search her on internet and see how beautiful she is. I am sure you can find bunch of her movies.

Proof of Meiki series Maria Ozawa male masturbator is a continuation version of Elegance of Meiki and was jointly developed by 3 companies, NPG the manufacturer, Nakajima Kagaku the lube manufacturer, and "the best" the magazine company.

Labia, clitoris, texture of inner vagina, and g-spot area, are copy of real Maria. Thanks to the 3D image technology.

Looks of labia is seriously incredible. Unlike Yu Namiki's camel toe vagina, Maria Ozawa has nice meaty lips.

I would say that the main purpose of this male masturbator is to give you the opportunity to see, feel, and have intercourse with something as close to the real Maria as possible.

If you are a fan of Maria, this masturbation sleeve would be something very special for you. Now you can stick your fingers in her vagina, touch or even lick her labia and clitoris, or do whatever you have dreamed of doing to her.

Even if you don't know who Maria is, you would be amazed how realistic this vagina looks.

Let's talk about how she feels. At the initial penetration, the soft feeling is as good as Elegance of Meiki. It wraps around my cock so gently and feels very good. But as I continue stroking, level of stimulation is definitely weaker than that of Elegance of Meiki. When I stick my finger in the hole, I can feel those hundreds of tiny nubs, but my penis does not feel them as clearly. It's probably because the wall of Maria is thinner than that of Elegance of Meiki, and it seems that the thinner wall creates lesser tightness. I actually brought out my Elegance of Meiki and used it with Maria alternately, then I could tell the obvious difference in the level of stimulation.

It's not to say that Proof of Meiki, Maria Ozawa male masturbator isn't as good as Elegance of Meiki. As I say it over and over, it's personal preference. People with sensitive skin might feel that the level of Maria's stimulation is stronger than what they can handle.

The lotion that comes with it is good as far as quality goes, but it has a strong smell to it. I think it would have been better if it was fragrance less.


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