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Meiki Honor


Product Review



Meiki Honor is a rather large masturbator, but it still is a hand held type. Its actual weight is 2.5 lbs. It's almost too big to hold in one hand comfortably, but I know anything is possible when you are in extreme urge for masturbation. Or simply use both hands and pound on it.

As you can see, this masturbator has both vagina and ass hole, very similar style to Meiki series 002 Nao Yoshizaki. You can enjoy your masturbation with 2 flavors.

Material is very soft just like other Meiki models, but this Meiki Honor is bigger, thicker, and meatier so that the sensation you get from this masturbator is much different. You can get much more realistic sensation with big masturbator with thick wall.

The way the vagina hole feels is somewhat similar to Elegance of Meiki masturbator, but because there are fewer nubs lined in the hole, the stimulation seems to be slightly weaker than Elegance of Meiki. If you have tried Elegance of Meiki and thought the stimulation wasn't strong enough, it's good idea to stay away from this masturbator. But if you loved the mild sensation of Elegance of Meiki, you probably will love this one even more.

Now let's talk about the butt hole. I must say that the entrance is pretty tight, and the way the entrance looks is amazingly realistic. If you are into anal, you'll probably aroused just by looking at the entrance.

Once you push through the entrance, your penis gets massaged by bunch of soft nubs that are lined for the entire length of the hole. It is impressive how good it feels. And like some other masturbators, you get much different sensation when you use Meiki Honor upside down or side way.

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