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Meiki Hibiki Otsuki


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The newest and the best male masturbator from the Japanese company NPG, the Meiki 008, is inspired in the super cute, super attractive, and super perverted AV star Hibiki Ootsuki. This eighth generation of the already legendary Meiki line of masturbators goes back to basics using the single layer design made popular by the Maria Ozawa, but adds some new tricks to keep it interesting.

The exterior of the Hibiki is what you can expect from a Meiki male masturbator - soft material, a hint of smell that disappears after a few uses, and delicate pussy lips. This masturbation toy is heavy - weights a little over 1 pound - but that is also expected from Meiki masturbator series.

Now, the interior is what makes the Hibiki interesting. As usual, NPG designed a realistic masturbator and that is apparent at first look. The walls of the tunnel are full of soft ridges and bumps that simulate the vagina muscles, but the G-spot is different. In previous generations, the G-spot was a larger, rounder bump, but in the Hibiki, it looks more like a small suction cup with a pointed bump in its center. Think of a push button like the ones in machinery. It is also located near the entrance so that you hit this high stimulation point sooner. These changes make the Hibiki different from previous generations, feeling specially intense when you use a thin lubricant.

By the way, the lubricant you use with this male masturbator makes all the difference. If you use a thick one (or use too much), the Hibiki will feel soft and loose like the Maria Ozawa version. Using a thinner lube will allow the Hibiki to show you how stimulating it can be. When you hit the perfect quantity of lubricant to use, be prepared for a very realistic and intense experience.

Note that the Hibiki has a small entrance hole, so you can expect small tears on the entrance if you are of a certain size. The tears are small and do not affect the use of the toy. Overall, Meiki Hibiki Otsuki is a cool masturbator for those looking a realistic experience.

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