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Meiki Elegance


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This male masturbator is something special. You can probably tell how special this is by the design of its package. It comes in a traditional style Japanese wooden box.

Elegance of Meiki is available in 2 versions: Elegance of Meiki higher and Elegance of Meiki lower. I will explain those differences in the later section.

Meiki means exquisite article, or in this case, exquisite vagina.

Size of Elegance of Meiki masturbator is 1:1 scale life-size. This masturbator was created with a help of actual obstetrician and gynecologist and also doctors from female clinic. And it took them 7 years from begining of this project to the actual production because they said they needed to research 70,000 vagina. I'm not sure if that's really true though. But that makes this vagina (masturbator) 1 in 70,000 kind. There is no doubt it is elegant.

Inside structure is obviously very complex. According to doctors, shape of aroused vagina is different from non aroused vagina. G-spot area gets swollen and size of uterus gets bigger, also muscle near the entrance to uterus softens so it wraps penis around completely in order to catch all sperm. Because there is no muscle in masturbator, Elegance of Meiki can't work like a real vagina does, but as far as how it looks, it looks ultra good.

The material is very soft. I mean, softer than Fleshlight masturbator. When material is soft, the strength of stimulation it can deliver weakens. If you like strong stimulation, this item is not for you. But if you like soft material and weaker stimulation to achieve longer play session, this masturbator is the best of the best. I can't even describe how soft this material is.

As I mentioned earlier, Elegance of Meiki is available in 2 versions. Here is the explanation of those 2 versions. Just like any other part of body, some people have bigger hands, some people have small feet, and some people have their vagina toward front of their bodies, and some people have their vagina toward back.

"Elegance of Meiki higher" has the opening of vagina located a slightly higher. "Elegance of Meiki lower" has the opening of vagina located a slightly lower.  Also manufacturer, NPG, mentions that "lower" has a somewhat tighter structure.

I've read quite a bit of reviews on both "higher" and "lower", and I have to say that the both interior structure is actually very similar. You can tell the difference of exterior by looking at location of vagina lips but as far as inside of vagina goes, most reviewers said they couldn't tell the difference. In my opinion, I wanted the manufacturers to make a clearer difference between them. So, if you can't decide which one to buy, you really don't have to think about it. Buy whichever available.

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