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Masturbator Warmer


Product Review

I recently used the Masturbator Warmer from Rends to warm my masturbators. It’s a fairly convenient little warmer that uses USB power to work. It doesn’t have a power outlet plug so you’ll need a computer to use it and probably wouldn’t use it with a USB charger adapter. It requires a USB 2.0 connection which supplies 500mA of power, I wouldn’t use it on anything else for risk of fire, and it says so on the packaging.

Now let’s look at the physical aspects of it. It’s a smooth plastic body with a nice peach color. It looks a bit like a vibrator (hopefully if you have one of these, you make sure it won’t be mistaken for a vibrator). The base flares out a bit and a white USB cable comes out of it. The warmer itself is about 6” long and about .75” wide, which is good for most mid-sized male masturbator toys and smaller. The tip is nicely rounded to make it pretty easy to insert. The USB cable is about 3’ long, which for heating purposes in front of a computer is plenty good. You can’t really use it anywhere else unless you bring a laptop with you. It came in a simple frustration free plastic packaging that can also be used to store it.

It is not waterproof so you can’t clean it in water, so I use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cloth, or sanitary wipes. Some waterproofing I think would be nice for something like this, though.

For testing I wanted to use it with a fairly thick toy and a smaller, thinner toy. I used TOMAX’s Venus Clone in Regular firmness and a little, tiny My Junior Can’t Be This Tight from A-One. I will warm each toy up for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour, and report how they feel.

The Can’t Be This Tight is fairly small so the warmer ended up sticking out of it about an inch. If you’re using a small masturbator, make sure not to just force it all the way through as it looks like it could possibly pierce through with enough force. I was able to get it in without any lube, but a couple drops of some would definitely help make it easier. At 5 minutes, the outside hasn’t changed at all. Inside it is about the temperature of skin with some nice warm spots. 30 minutes in, the heat can be felt outside and the inside has a very noticeable heat. After an hour, the outside is pretty warm, and the entire inside is nice and toasty.

Now for the thick and dense Venus Clone. The warmer goes all the way in and is a great match in terms of size. It can be inserted without lube, but again, a couple small drops would definitely help. After 5 minutes, the outside doesn’t change, while the inside has the warmth of human skin. 30 minutes in, the outside still hasn’t changed but the inside has gotten pretty warm with a bit of hotter spots. After an hour, the outside finally starts to get a bit warmer. The inside is nice and warm and feels great. But, after a short amount of time, the temperature noticeably does start to gradually drop. I noticed that when the outside isn’t that warm, the inside temperature drops even faster. For larger, thicker toys I recommend getting it warm to a level that you can feel it on the outside and also to warm it with lube inside.

The thickness of a toy will determine how long you have to wait for your masturbator to warm up. The outside temperature seems to be a good indicator of if the toy is good for use. After warming both toys up for an hour, I checked the insides to see if there was any damage to the toys and I didn’t see anything noticeable. However there are reports of some toys melting, so about an hour is probably the longest I’d keep the warmer on and thus don’t think this is the ideal warmer for use in rather large hip style masturbators or other similarly sized toys.

Posted on February 16, 2016

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