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Maria Okazaki


Product Review



Maria Okazaki male masturbator made by MODE-design has a medium firmness, made from a material that is safe, non smelly, and feels good to the touch. Due to its size (about 6 inches by 3 inches), it is the perfect size for a hand stroker.

Maria Okazaki has three areas of stimuli. The first is a very tight entry hole (only a quarter of inch in diameter) that will snug your penis when you enter the mastubator. Although very tight, the material is flexible enough to expand and accommodate most penises. It feels as having sex with a young woman - and maybe that is the reason behind the design.

The second area of the tunnel is a realistic section with an organic design of twisted ribs and “flesh folds”. The width of the tunnel is slightly larger in this section, so you do not feel too much of the texture, but works great after the tight entry.

The third and last section of the tunnel is a  narrowing part with some cool organic peaks and ribs. This narrowing area is designed to be stimulating and at the same time, to create suction on the out stroke. This suction increases the excitement and the realism, making this masturbator an excellent toy for long, slow sessions.

Like with the other masturbator in this series, Yukina Yotogi, the entrance of Maria Okazaki can develop a rip if your penis is on the larger size. That is probably the only weakness of an otherwise great mid-priced male masturbator. 

As with all sex toys, the Maria Okazaki requires to be lubed with water-based lubricants before use and cleaned after each use. Water and mild soap are all you need to clean this, and after properly dried, you can use powder to keep the masturbator in top shape.

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