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Product Review



Manbow masturbator is made of Toy's Heart's Baby Skin. It feels like softer than regular Baby Skin material. Probably Toy's Heart purposely made it a little softer to match with the tornado style inner texture. Size of sleeve is about the same as 17 Seventeen masturbator.

Entrance is comfortably large, and by applying lotion to those bulged lips, you can easily penetrate your penis inside.

From the entracne to about mid-point, the feel of it is somewhat loose. From mid-point to the end is lined with four ridges that spiral into the end of the hole, and the second section was kind of painful at first. But adding more lotion and as lotion spreads into all the creases, the level of stimulation turns to just perfect. Those ridges have bunch of soft and thin wrinkles that provides indescribable good feeling as you stroke. Having penis massaged by those four ridges feels similar to having oral sex.

You might think the only part that is good about this masturbator is the second half, but the loose first section provides confortness to the base area of your penis, so the combination of looseness and tightness works well together. And also the thick wall creates right amount of pressure. Masturbators with this type of inner texture must have thick wall, otherwise you would have to squeeze the sleeve harder, and the pressure from squeezing is much different than the natural pressure from thick wall.

I must say this Manbow masturbator is well designed and close to one of the best on the market.


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