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When you squeeze, pull or press Busty Aichan and Quty Tits too hard, sometimes Skin gets separated at where 2 skins meet. I will show you how to fix the separation using photos provided by a manufacturer Tomax. Please note that this instruction works to repair male masturbators as well.

But why does it happen? It's because both Busty Aichan and Qut Tits use Yawachichi Process. A soft gel is being wrapped up by Succubus Skin. After the gel was wrapped, skin gets closed so that the gel does not pop out. I guess it's similar to breast augmentation. And just like everything else, joint or connected area is the weakest point. Under normal usage, there shouldn't be any problem. But when too much tension is applied, the joint breaks.

On Busty Aichan, the joint of skin is located at back side and almost invisible. On Quty Tits, the joint of skin is located at the side, close to the base, and you can kind of tell where it is.

Please see photos below. I explain how to fix it step by step. You will need a soldering iron to fix it. Believe it or not, this is pretty much exactly how Busty Aichan and Quty Tits are being made at the factory.

These are photos of Quty Tits, but you can use the same technique to fix Busty Aichan.



When skin gets separated, you will see something like this. In the photo above, the huge saparation was purposely made so that you can see it clearly. Normally, you will see much smaller separation. And the smaller the separation, the easier to fix.


Things you will need.

1. Soldering Iron ( Heated spoon or other heated metal can be used instead.)
2. Wet towel
3. Baby powder


If you can get a soldering iron with temperature adjuster, that would work perfect. Set the temperature to 280 to 300 F.

If your soldering iron does not have a temperature adjuster, use the wet towel to adjust the temperature. Soldering irons without temperature adjuster are much hotter than 300 F.


Use side of the soldering iron.
When soldering iron is too hot, the skin melts right away. Try to adjust temperature low so that the skin melts slowly. Move the soldering iron side ways along the tear as the skin melts. 


The skin will get torn again when pulled while it's hot. Leave it alone for a while until the skin is completely cool.


Soldered skin is sticky. Apply baby poweder to remove the stickiness.

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