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Now you enjoyed a daily masturbation session with your favorite masturbator, reached the explosive orgasm, feeling mighty good, just want to lay down and go to sleep. Cleaning up your masturbator is not what you want to do after you are done. I hear you, we all have been there.

Cleaning masturbators isn't hard at all. When you use water based lubricant, lube and sperm easily get washed off under running water. If you are type of person who likes everything super clean, then you can use mild hand soap. With or without mild soap, you must wash your masturbator after each use. Here is why.

When you look at a masturbator under microscope, you will see bunch of tiny holes. It is because masturbators are made of elastomer which is porous.



Those tiny holes work as a container and holds oil, and because those holes are filled with oil, elastmers is soft and stretchy.

When you use your masturbators with lubricant, lubricant gets into those holes. Also when you shoot sperm inside, sperm also gets into those holes. If you don't clean them up after your masturbation session, you probably know what's gonna happen. Yes, bacteria will start growing.


Once bacteria gets deep inside of masturbator wall, it's pretty much impossible to clean them out completely.

I should mention a little about type of soap which can be used on masturbators. It is normally ok to use mild hand soap. It definitely cleans off lubricant and sperm better than water alone. But, like Fleshlight, they recommend not to use any type of soap because they say even mild hand soap will damage the material. PLEASE read a package when you purchase masturbators. If it does not say anything, it usually is ok to wash with mild hand soap.

As I said earlier that elastomer is porous. It is like a rubber band. When a rubber band gets old and dried up, it breaks instead of stretch. For the same reason, as masturbator gets old, it starts breaking up. But you can prolong the life of your masturbator with proper maintenance.

How to wash: In order to clean inside of masturbator, the best way is to turn it inside out. If your masturbator is open end style, it is easy to turn it inside out. If your masturbator is closed end style, depends on thickness the wall, it might not be as easy to turn it inside out as open end style.

If you have a cheap masturbator, the entrance the hole gets torn when you turn it inside out. If you think your masturbator can't withstand that much stretch, simply finger fuck or even fist fuck your masturbator under running water.

Succubus and Venus masturbators from TOMAX can be turned inside out. TOMAX, a manufacturer, uses high quality material, and they even turn them inside out and leave them alone for a week as a part of their durability tests. (But they don't recommend to leave your masturbator inside out for a week.)

How to wipe water off: After finish cleaning up, while your masturbator is turned inside out, wrap it up with lint free clothe or paper towel and gently squeeze for a few seconds. That should be enough to suck up water. And then turn it outside in to the original position and repeat the same thing to dry the masturbator. As most masturbators tend to attract lint, be sure to use lint free clothe or paper towel.

How to store: After dried up, put it in a zip lock bag, release all air out from the bag, and zip lock it. Minimizing the contact with air will prolong the life of masturbators. Also, you want to avoid storing it at where there is a direct sun light. It causes masturbators to get dried up.

Oil Bleed: As I mentioned, masturbators made of elastomer is porous which means there are many small holes, and those holes are filled with oil. Therefore, oil naturally bleeds out from those holes which is called oil bleed. That is why masturbators feel slightly greasy when you touch it. Oil bleed is not avoidable, and because oil keeps bleeding out, sooner or later, masturbators lose most of oil eventually, and so does elasticity.

As you use your masturbator over certain period of time, you will notice that it gets stickier and stickier. That's the sign that your masturbator lost certain amount of oil. And you probably notice that sensation you get from it is different as well. But it's not completely a bad thing. Many people actually like the stickier feeling. The stickiness provides better 'grab' of your penis, hence better feeling.

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