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Masturbators must feel good when you use them, right? All manufacturers want you to feel good when you use their masturbators. But everyone has different preferences, and just because one person likes a particular masturbator does not mean everyone else will like the same masturbator.

That's why it is very difficult to purchase a masturbator that will meet or even exceed your expectation. You probably read reviews when you purchase masturbators, but those reviews do not guarantee that your opinion about those masturbators will be the same.
So, I am going to write some basics about masturbators which might help you when you purhcase the next masturbator but might not help you at all.
What determines whether or not a particular masturbator feels good is, I think, combination of following 4 things.
1. Material
2. Strength of suction
3. Thickness of skin or wall
4. Interior texture
Masturbator Material: The materials commonly used for masturbators are soft, rubbery, various trademarked ‘feel real’ blends. An elastomer blend is the most popular because of the incredible suppleness and skin-like feel they provide. Male masturbators, whether they are sleeves, boobs, butts or whatever the shape they are in, are always made of something soft.
These tits from Tomax looks soft, doesn't it. I can see you drooling looking at them, but don't worry, I'm drooling too. hehe.
Fleshlight has their material patented and named it Super skin. Another famous material type is Cyberskin by Topco Sales. Tomax has Succubus skin. One of the most reputable Japanese company, Toy's Heart, has Baby skin and Safe skin. Whatever they want to call their material, they are all made of some type of elastomer which is soft, elastic, rubbery, supple, and feels good when you touch them, squeeze them, and rub your penis against them.
Each company adds some super secret additives and / or mix some different types of elastomer to create unique texture, color, smell, and firmness.
It is impossible to find out which company's material is the best match for you by reading. This is something that you have to take a risk and purchase, and find our if you like it or not for yourself. Some retailers actually let you touch the material if ask nicely. So, going to retailers near you might be a good idea.
Masturbator Styles (related to strength of suction): Masturbators can be categorized into 3 different styles, and those are:
1. Open end style
2. Closed end style
3. What the hell is this style
Fun Factory Cobra Libre is the examples of 'what the hell is this' style. If someone gives me the Cobra Libre without explaining what it is for, I wouldn't know what it is for.
Open end style masturbators have opening on both sides. Benefit of that is you can insert from both end and experience a different kind of sensation. Also, if your penis is longer than the length of masturbator, open end style works better than closed end style for obvious reasons, no need to worry about hitting the end of hole. What's lacking in open end style is that there is no suction effect at all.
Closed end style masturbators on the other hand have only one opening and can provide a more pleasurable suction than open end style.
Venus masturbator and Meiki series masturbator are closed end. In fact, most masturbators on the market use closed end design. Some people say that closed end masturbators are difficult to clean. I think that once you get used to turning them inside out , it's not that difficult. I talk about how to clean closed end masturbators in the Masturbator Maintenance section.
Thickness of skin or wall: When you look at an ‘economy class’ masturbator, they tend to have a thinner wall. Masturbator material isn’t exactly cheap. As a result, less expensive masturbators have a thinner wall, and expensive ones are much thicker.
When wall is thin, what happens is that when you enter the masturbator, the wall spreads outward. Thus, the masturbator does not provide as much tightness.
When wall is thick, price goes up, but when you enter the shape of the masturbator stays relatively the same and it feels good because of the proper pressure on your entire penis.
Those are the reasons why expensive masturbators are big, heavy, and have thicker walls.
So why do Fleshlight-style masturbators feel good even though they have a thinner wall? It's because of their hard plastic case. The case prevents the inner sleeve from spreading out too much and gives you enough pressure. If you use a Fleshlight masturbator without its case, you would feel dramatic difference.

Interior Texture: I really don't have much to say about interior texture because it's 100% up to your preference. There are so many masturbators on the market, and they all have different texture. And even if 2 masturbators have exactly the same interior texture, stimulation would be different when material, firmness, or thickness of wall are made differently. Succubus masturbator and Venus masturbators offer 3 different levels of firmness of the same interior texture.

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