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It is important to choose a correct lubricant for your masturbator.
On this page of Masturbator101, let's talk about lubricant or lube for male masturbator. If you have touched any elastomer made masturbators, you know that there is no way you can penetrate your penis in it without proper lubrication. Masturbator skin sticks to a head of your penis, and it wouldn't let you in the hole.
It's just like unaroused vagina. It has to be wet. How do you get it wet, then?
Since your masturbator does not get aroused no matter how good your cunnilingus skills are, you have to grab a bottle of lube for sex toys.
There are several different types of sex toy lubricants available as you probably know. Make sure to use water based lubricant for male masturbators. Oil based or silicone based lubricants will damage material of masturbator.
It is easy to distinguish water based lubricants. A  label on a bottle usually says whether or not it is water based, or a sales person at store you are buying it from can tell you which lubricant is water based. But it is very difficult to tell the exact viscosity or thickness of the lubricant till you actually use it.
Do we need to care about thickness of lubricants? It's only a lube for sex toys.
Well, I know it doesn't seem to make much of difference if the consistency of the lube is thick or thin, but the fact is it makes a world of difference, and I will explain how those thin and thick lube work differently.
Let's see, for example, a woman has nipples like the ones in the photo below . When she wears a thin bra, people can see her nipple right through the bra, right?
Thin bra is like thin lube. What I mean by that is, when the lube is thin, it creates a thin film over whatever it's covering. Because the film is thin, you can see through what's underneath, and most likely you can even feel the texture under the thin film when you touch the film.
Because this lady is wearing a thin shirt, you can clearly feel her nipples when you touch her tits, that's if she allows you to touch them. Thin film (thin lube) works just like her thin shirt.
What happens when she wears thick bra or thick shirt? You won't be able to see her nipples or feel anything if she tells you to put your hands on her breasts. That's exactly how thick lube works. Thick lube creates a thick film, and you can't feel the texture underneath.
That being said, thin lube works better when the masturbator is lined with small dots or ribs or whatever may be because the thin film created by thin lube does not cover up those small dots or ribs completely, and you are still able to feel them.

Then, should you use thick lube because your masturbator is lined with large bumps or ribs? That depends. You still can use thin lube so that you can feel stronger stimulation from those big bumps or ribs. Big bumps are meant to give you stronger stimulation. Why would you want to cover them up with thick lube? Thick lube is good when stimulation is too much for you to handle. Thick lube can weaken the stimulation level.
So, if you like strong stimulation, thin lube like Silky Lube from Tomax would work well for you. But one negative thing about thin lube is that thin lube tends to get dried up much faster than thick lube, and there is pretty much nothing you can't do about it. It is water based and "low viscosity" after all. It naturally dries up quickly.
When lube gets dried, you can tell it is loosing slipperiness because you feel more drag as you stroke. Then you either have to apply more lube or give it a little bit of spit. Yes, spit works really well, believe it or not. Just a little amount of moisture will reactivate slipperiness.

You bought a masturbator, but you didn't like it, or you thought it would feel betther. That actually happens to many people. And often time it's because you simply are  using a wrong kind of lubricant. Try thicker or thinner lube and see if that changes how you feel.

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