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Lilith Spiral Wave


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The Lilith Spiral Waves male masturbator is another of the textures available for the newest line of masturbators from Tomax. The Lilith family of toys has a size of 6 inches long by 2 inches wide, and like its cousins the Succubus and the Venus male masturbators, it is available in three firmness levels, soft, regular, and hard.

The Lilith Spiral Wave has a lot in common with the Succubus Wave 2D masturbator. Besides the size and the material, both masturbators have tunnels covered in hundreds of thin ribs from start to end. Both can be very stimulating depending on the type and quantity of lubricant you use for your sessions. The thinner the lube, the more you will feel the thin ribs. If you prefer a thicker lube, then the texture is going to feel smoother and your session will last longer.

But the Lilith has something different to keep you busy - a twisted tunnel. Early in the tunnel, the canal twists, creating material folds to drive you crazy. The twist makes the tunnel to be tighter, pressing those thin ribs all over your penis, increasing your pleasure. The best part is that thanks to the Succubus Skin flexibility, the tunnel always feels right - never too tight, even in the middle of the twisted material. You are able to feel everything - the thin ribs, the material squeezing your penis, and the suction created when you go in and out. All these things work together to create an interesting experience.

The Lilith Spiral Wave is a low to medium intensity male masturbator. If you are looking for a masturbator that allows you to build an orgasm, this is the toy for you. As said before, you can change the intensity of the sleeve by using lubricants with different thicknesses, but that is not the only way to make the Lilith feel different in each use. Using it as a hand held stroker, it is easy to change the suction by squeezing the masturbator while your penis is half way into the tunnel. That helps to increase the suction and your pleasure.

If you are adventurous, you can use the Lilith as a hands-free masturbator. It has the standard size to use as an insert for most Japanese love dolls. As a hands free masturbator, the Lilith Spiral Wave feels incredibly soft, allowing you to build orgasms that can be out of this world.

Remember to only use water based lubricants when using the Lilith Spiral Wave. Clean it with mild soap and water to keep it ready for the next round.

The Lilith is available with two other textures - the Spiral Dots and the Uterus. So be sure to try them all.

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