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Lilith Spiral Dots


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The Lilith Spiral Dots male masturbator is another of the textures available for the newest line of masturbators from TOMAX, the makers of the Succubus and the Venus masturbators. The Lilith line of toys has a size of 6 inches long by 2 inches width and like its sisters, it is available in three firmness levels, soft, regular, and hard.

Spiral Dots male masturbator has a tunnel completely covered with tiny dots to stimulate you. This is a concept similar to the Succubus Dots masturbator, but the Lilith gives the concept a twist. A real twist. When you enter the Lilith, you will find a series of chambers of different width covered with the soft and small dots, but when you had gone a third into the masturbator, you are in for a triple twist. The tunnel has three twists, forming a spiral that makes the tunnel a bit tighter and more stimulating. The last third of the tunnel is like the the entrance, ending with a rounded area also covered in dots.

The Lilith Spiral Dots is a medium to high intensity masturbator, and the intensity will depend mostly on the lube you use. A thicker lubricant will make the dots to feel softer, decreasing the stimulation. Use a thinner lubricant and the dots and the spiral make themselves more present. The speed of stroking will also change the sensations given by the dots - the slower you go, the more you will be able to feel them around your penis. Thanks to the softness of the Succubus Skin material you do not have to worry about the dots being too aggressive. These dots are soft and will keep you stimulated throughout your session without hurting you. Orgasms with this masturbator can be earth-shattering, so make sure your neighbors cannot hear you scream!

Like most closed end masturbators, you can change the suction levels by pressing the masturbator walls while keeping your penis half into the toy's tunnel. Also, remember to only use water based lubes when using the Lilith Spiral Dots. Clean it with mild soap and water to keep it ready for the next round.

The Lilith is available with two other textures - the Spiral Wave and the Uterus - so be sure to try them all.

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