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LAYERS Aika Yumeno


Product Review


Aika Yumeno has one of the best bodies in Japanese Porn, with a busty chest and a super tiny waist. When I heard EXE released a new masturbator inspired by her in a series called LAYERS, I knew I wanted to try it. The name LAYERS comes from it being dual-layered with the outside layer being different from the inside.

The box is covered with pictures of Aika, showing off her amazing body which got me extra excited to try the toy. Upon taking it out of the box, you can see how the body of the toy was inspired from Aika’s body, it has a large area near the entrance, and then slims down as is goes towards the other end. The entrance area has an interesting slanted shape. You can peek through the slit to see the inner lips and pink inner material. The inner and outer material feels pretty high quality. There is very little smell, and the oil bleed level is controlled pretty well.


Now I immediately poured some lube in and tried to penetrate it. It is definitely a tight masturbator. Inside it has five different sections, once you go through the first 3 with different types of ribbing, you reach a section with bumps, and then a smooth area at the end. Each section is divided by these tighter areas that seems to push you back as you go through them. Because of the tightness, there is not much vacuum, but it does have strong stimulation.

This is definitely a masturbator for those who like tightness and high stimulation, and not for people who like to go slow and smooth. Personally, it was too tight and had too much stimulation for me, and I couldn't really enjoy using it.

In terms of maintenance, I wouldn’t try to flip it inside out in fear of separation of the two layers. The tightness also makes it harder to reach deep inside.

Posted July, 20, 2017.

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