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Internal Structure of a Moe Body


Product Review

Magic Eyes has never been a company to shy away from strange and unique ideas in their masturbator toys. A prime example of that is the new Internal Structure of a Moe Body, which comes with internal skeleton they call the BONE layer. What is that exactly? It’s a harder inner layer that mimics the bone structure and muscles of the human body that they put inside a torso style male masturbator toy. Upon hearing about it, I knew I wanted to try it and review for you guys.

The Internal Structure of a Moe Body is a torso type masturbator, weighing about 2kg, or a little less than 2.5 lbs., so it is pretty hefty. If you want to use it as a hand held masturbator it is on the heavy side. You can also use it on your desk or bed. Using it handheld will probably give you a give workout. The outside layer is soft and squeezable. The fairly large tits and nipples are exceptionally nice to squeeze and pinch. However, because of the BONE layer, the middle of the toy is very rigid, with no movement or bounce. The oil bleed is kept to a minimum and there is no real noticeable smell.

It is an open ended masturbator, which is a welcome help when cleaning, but it also comes with a little disk that fits into a little slot in the back end of the hole. This hole gives you the ability to convert it to a closed end. While I was unsure about its effectiveness, it is a nice feature that increases its appeal to different tastes.

Opening up the thick pussy lips, which are signature to Magic Eyes’s Sujiman Kupa line, you can see the pink inner layer of the vagina canal. I poured some lube inside and tried to stick my dick inside. With a half erection, the BONE layer completely blocked my entry. Once I had a full erection, with a bit of extra force, I was finally able to get inside.

Inside there is a noticeable pressure with an almost spring like force pushing back. As I slowly pushed in, I could really feel the stimulation from the fleshy flaps inside. It didn’t really hug your penis like most tight and thick masturbators do, or is it really a slow build-up type. It was very reminiscent of a ribbed type masturbator.

Halfway in you reach a winding point that makes it feel even tighter. I coincidently let go of some pressure and was pushed almost all the way back to the entrance. Gently trying to go deeper, it just wanted to push me out. It’s definitely not the type you would just stay inside of for a long time.

The bone layer had a definite impact on insertion feel as it does not expand much. Even for my with an average girth, I could definitely feel the pressure, so for a bigger guy it will be really tight. I thought that the inside felt very artificial, similar to cup masturbators. I thought that the stimulation was too heavy, was a bit too tight and it pushes back a bit too much. With all three of those factors, I didn’t really enjoy myself too much.

It is definitely a masturbator more suited for those who like it tight with heavy stimulation. For those who like to spend a bit more time with a masturbator and enjoy the slow build-up, they should look elsewhere. Also whether the disc was inserted into the slot at the back end of the hole or not, I couldn’t really tell much of a difference. While a nice bonus feature, maybe this is the wrong toy to try it on.

Of course, the Internal Structure of a Moe Body is impossible to turn inside out, but the open end construction allows you to run water through it to clean. But because of that BONE layer, you can’t really stretch it, so reaching inside from both sides to wipe is dry was pretty difficult.

Appearance wise, it looks fantastic, and is one of the best to look and touch in its category. Durability seems pretty good with just a tiny bit of damage at the entrance. However I think the tightness and heavy stimulation does have some limitations during use.

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

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