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Innocent Younger Sister Tight Edition


Product Review


Toy’sHeart’s Innocent Younger Sister has been a very popular masturbator toy in Japan for years, which would constantly sell out in stores. It’s become a staple for many. Now they’ve released a new version, the Innocent Younger Sister Tight Edition.

The new box features better quality, cute anime art. The toy itself looks exactly the same as the original. It has the same small size, and uses the same Safe Skin material used in just about every Toy’sHeart masturbator. It’s a very high quality material that’s thick and fairly firm. It’s smooth to the touch and has no noticeable smell. The tunnel entrance is pretty wide, but you can see how it immediately gets really narrow. I tried to take a little peak inside, but it stays pretty tight and couldn’t really see all the way through.


So now I poured some lube in and was ready to go. Because of the tightness you’d definitely need a fully hard erection to get in. With a bit of force, I was able to push my way through the meaty tunnel and get all the way to the end. The feeling during insertion felt pretty nice.

The walls are lined with a bunch of bumps, but the stimulation was milder than I was expecting it to feel. You can feel it pushing back a little, really bringing out that feeling of pushing your way through. While the material feels pretty firm in the hand, in use, you can’t really feel the firmness and it actually feels pretty good. At the end it has a little air pocket for some extra vacuum, but I didn’t really feel too much of it. Overall feel is nice and rich with a slow build up, which is my preference.

The Innocent Younger Sister Tight Edition is a nicely balanced, well made masturbator toy. I can see it carrying on the popularity of the original, and becoming a new staple for those who like tight feeling masturbators.

One slight negative is that it is a bit inconvenient to clean. While it’s possible to flip inside out, I wouldn’t recommend doing it, as it requires a bit of force to do and could possibly damage it. It is a pretty short masturbator however and not too hard to reach all the way in with your fingers.

Posted August 24, 2016

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