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Hot Milk


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Hot Milk male masturbator is an economy class masturbator from Toy's Heart. It uses good quality material for economy model. It is smooth, non sticky and no smell. There are grooves on the outside to hook fingers to make your stroke easier. But for me, position of those grooves is not where I normally wrap my fingers around. But they still provide better grip.

Surface of inside the hole is very smooth. It is lined with ripples through out the entire length of the hole. It is very similar texture with 17 Seventeen masturbator. At the end of the hole, there are thin and soft tickler things waiting to stimulate a head of penis.

The shape of hole is basically straight, but it is narrow at the entrance and opens up as it goes deeper, and this shape actually provides different tightness at different area of hole. What I was told is that this shape actually has a name, which is Bumpy Inner 2. It's supposed to be similar in shape as real vagina.

When you look at just outside of entrance, there are thin and shallow grooves. Those are there to hold lotion longer.

Personally, it would be better if there were ribs or something at least near the entrance area to create different sensation, but the concept of this Hot Milk masturbator seems to provide semi realistic vaginal feeling, and for the reason, the design probably is good with the way it is now.

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